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Alusett System - Commercial Store Interiors

With continuously changing markets and customer preferences, the need for a flexible store interior design is now more important than ever. An attractive and functional design provides the distinction needed to attract customers.

Just a few years ago, the cycle for refitting a store was approximately seven years.

Now, this cycle has shortened to four years or less; just to maintain a competitive advantage.

If a flexible and versatile system like Alusett is used, redesigning and updating a store interior design does not mean scrapping everything and starting fresh to achieve a new look.
The use of a system saves from 20-25% of the cost of refitting a store.

Alusett System - Commercial Store Interiors

This figure is based on practical experience from the use of these profiles. Because the system is modular, parts can be added to extend a sales area or changed around to create a completely different look.

Alusett System offers a range of profiles in many shapes and sizes, fully complemented with a diversity of accessories. This translates to a design that is completely versatile at a very cost effective price.

Choose from a variety of colors or anodized finishes to match any color scheme. Installation is easy with just the use of an allen key. Flexibility, ease of installation, quick order turnaround, and a dedication to our customer, mean a profitable return on your investment.

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August 11th, 2022

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